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    Winter Blend | Pristine Canadian Herbs | 30 g bag

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    Introducing our Winter Time Blend
    Unveil the key to robust health and natural immunity with our exclusive Winter Time Blend. Thoughtfully curated, this special blend features a combination of herbs, including Linden, Elderberry, celandine, and Tansy, each selected for their potent healing properties.

    Each of these herbs works synergistically to fortify the body against winter illnesses, combating a range of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. With its powerful antipyretic, diaphoretic, and anti-inflammatory characteristics, this blend is precisely formulated to provide comprehensive support during the colder months.

    Elevate your wellness routine with our Winter Time Blend - the perfect remedy to help you stay resilient throughout the season.

    Linden (Tilia):

    Anti-inflammatory effect: Helps in reducing inflammation in the body.
    Diaphoretic effect: Helps reduce fever by stimulating the sweating process.
    Used in infectious diseases: Helps relieve symptoms of infections, including colds.
    Black elderberry:

    Immunity Boost: Helps in strengthening the body's natural immunity.
    Diaphoretic effect: Helps reduce fever by stimulating sweating.
    Antibacterial and antiviral properties: Helps fight both bacteria and viruses.
    Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: Helps reduce inflammation and fight bacteria.
    Celandine (Chelidonium majas):

    Antipyretic effect: Helps in lowering body temperature in case of fever.
    Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties: Helps fight various pathogens.
    Supporting the treatment of certain cancers: It may be helpful as a complement to anticancer therapy.
    Regulation of the digestive tract: Helps improve digestion and intestinal function.
    Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare):

    Antispasmodic effect: Helps relax smooth muscles.
    Anti-inflammatory effect: Helps in reducing inflammation in the body.
    Antibacterial effect: Helps fight bacteria.
    Digestive support: Helps reduce digestive system problems and fight parasites.
    The use of these herbs in the Winter Time Blend helps to naturally strengthen the body and fight the symptoms of infection while improving overall health.



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