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    Organic Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture | Make Your Own Yogurt At Home

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    Contains sensitive culture:Lactobacillus acidophilus Streptococcus thermophilus Lactobacillus delbruckii subsp. lactis Bifidobacteria lactis
     Discover the joy of homemade yogurt with our DIY yogurt starter cultures! Making your own yogurt at home is easy - all you need is vegan milk such as almond coconut or whole milk and basic household equipment.
    Key Features:

    Versatility: Atmalife natural vegan yogurt starters are a unique variety of Polish yogurt with a mild taste and thin consistency - perfect for drinking. Turn it into vegan yogurt by using non-cow milk such as coconut, almond or soy milk.

    Health Boost: In addition to tasting delicious, this yogurt is a gluten-free, non-GMO snack packed with probiotics, improving gut health and keeping you feeling fantastic.

    Rewarding pleasure: once you master the first game, the fun doesn't end. Just 1 tablespoon of yogurt per glass of milk, and you can create batch after batch!

    Perfect gift idea: Our starter cultures are thoughtful gifts for yogurt enthusiasts, DIY enthusiasts, health-conscious people, and aspiring chefs. Perfect for those looking for a new, simple hobby, these cultures open the door to a world of aromatic possibilities.

    Embark on a yogurt-making journey with Atmalife - a delightful blend of taste, health, and endless DIY possibilities.
    Production of Vegan Yogurt:
    Heat 1 liter of milk to 176 °F to eliminate any foreign bacteria.
    If you're using pasteurized, UHT or grain milk, only heat it up to 108 °F.
    Pour the milk into a container and cool it down to about 108 °F.
    Important: Make sure the container has a tight lid.
    Now, open the sachet with bacteria, pour it into the milk, mix well, and close the container tightly.
    Let it ferment for up to 16 hours at around 108 °F.
    Wait until it reaches the desired thick consistency. It's usually best to check after 12 hours.
    If the yogurt hasn't formed yet, heat it up and leave it for a few more hours to allow it to multiply.
    You can place the jar in a pot of warm water or use a yogurt-making machine. Alternatively, wrap it in a blanket.
    Avoid shaking the container!
      Indulge in the goodness of ATMALIFE Vegan Yogurt – a nutritious, flavorful, and versatile addition to your daily routine.



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