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    Labrador Tea | Pristine Canadian Herbs | 30 g bag

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    Introducing our exclusive Labrador Tea, also known as Eskimo Tea and Ledon de Greenland, a unique offering from the pristine regions of Quebec, Canada.
    This product showcases the best of nature's bounty, carefully harvested from small shrubs with leaves resembling delicate stars. These narrow, robust leaves boast a distinct white or orange fuzz underneath, indicating their maturity and flavor profile. Notably, the orange-hued leaves, known for their robust taste, are meticulously handpicked to ensure the shrub remains unharmed.
    Our Labrador Tea is sourced from various Quebec regions, situated in close proximity to breathtaking national parks. After harvest, the leaves undergo an intricate air-drying process and are thoughtfully packed to retain their natural essence, resulting in a captivating golden-colored brew with a delightful aftertaste.
    Beyond its humble origins, this lesser-known herb boasts exceptional potency, catering to a wide array of health concerns. Its most significant impact lies in its support for liver health, effectively addressing a spectrum of liver-related ailments, including viral inflammation, poisoning, and liver failure. Renowned for its detoxifying properties, this tea aids in cellular regeneration and serves as a potent antioxidant. Notably, historical accounts reveal its traditional use in managing tick-borne meningitis by indigenous communities.
    Enriched with essential oils renowned for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties, our Labrador Tea extends its therapeutic reach to address various conditions, such as prostate issues, thyroid irregularities, skin allergies, enlarged lymph nodes, depression, and insomnia. Ongoing research also explores its potential in combating cancer.
    For optimal consumption, it is recommended to brew this robust tea with 3–5 leaves, as it possesses potent tannins. Imbued with a rich flavor profile, Labrador Tea can be enhanced by infusing it with dried fruits like apples, oranges, or berries, along with elements like rose hips, elderberries, cinnamon, and hibiscus.
    Not just a tea, this versatile herb finds its place in culinary delights, seamlessly complementing dishes such as marinated game and fish, mushrooms, and even serving as a distinctive flavoring agent in brewing beer. Embark on an exploration of its multifaceted benefits, whether by savoring its tea or incorporating it into your culinary adventures. Discover the abundance of Labrador Tea in the enchanting highlands of Charlevoix  and embrace its natural prowess for a truly wholesome experience.
    The current Labrador tea harvest is from August 2023, from the beautiful region of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada



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