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    ATMALIFE | Baltic Amber Powder | 25 gr Jar

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    Discover the timeless charm of natural ATMALIFE amber powder, obtained from ancient Baltic amber resin.
    This extraordinary work of art is a valuable gift from the natural world, coming from the petrified resin of ancient trees that grew around the Baltic Sea over 50 million years ago.
    Throughout history, Baltic amber has captivated humanity with its timeless charm, giving it features that have been celebrated for centuries.
    Inside you will find an impressive concentration of succinic acid of up to 8%, harmoniously complemented by an intricate spectrum of essential trace elements, including silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, vanadium, zinc, iodine, and a number of organic compounds. This fusion of elements mixed with iodine, volatile components, and resin acids creates a symphony of extraordinary features that elevate Baltic amber to a status in itself.
    Gentle application of the Baltic amber powder to the skin surface causes an unusual phenomenon - a negative electric charge. This age-old wonder, revered for its innate regenerative ability, is the very essence of the mystique of amber.
    In our ATMALIFE natural amber powder, we harness this awe-inspiring power to improve not only your skin, but also your overall well-being
    Key benefits:
    Rejuvenates and reduces the signs of aging.
    Improves skin pigmentation, ensuring a more even color.
    Strengthens and revitalizes the skin, giving it energy.
    It nourishes the skin, making it elastic and supple.
    Restores the skin's natural freshness and relaxation.
    Supports and accelerates the skin regeneration process.
    Soothes the discomfort of sensitive skin.
    It gives the skin a silky, soft texture.
    Smoothes and refines the skin surface.
    Provides a calming and soothing effect.
    Effectively relieves acne problems.
    Balances the functioning of the sebaceous glands, limiting excessive secretion of sebum.
    It absorbs excess sebum, preventing the skin from shining.
    Keeps the skin in optimal condition.
    Provides excellent care for the scalp and hair, strengthening them.
    Prevents excessive sweating of feet.
    Nourishes and regenerates the skin of the feet.
    For body skin:
    Apply to clean, dry skin.
    Lightly powder-selected areas 2–3 times a day using a cotton pad or brush.
    For foot skin:
    Apply to clean, dry skin.
    Apply directly to the skin of the feet, or place a small amount in a sock or shoe.
    For hair and scalp:
    Gently massage the powder directly into the scalp. You can leave the powder on your head, using it as an alternative to dry shampoo or rinse thoroughly with water or regular shampoo after 2–3 hours. For optimal results, follow this regimen 2–3 times a week.



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