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    AKARI ARYACA music 528 Hz USB drive

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    AKARI ARYACA is the musical pseudonym of Grzegorz Skwarek - musician, astrologer, and researcher of sound frequencies and their impact on the human body and soul - apart from the 528 Hz frequencies that are used in music, intervals are often based on the golden ratio 1.618 that occurs around us - it is GOLDEN PROPORTION, which creates the greatest stability in our universe and everything in accordance with this division is stable and healthy, also the sound that synchronizes our energy centers - chakras.

    In ancient times it was believed that there are sacred sounds, and perfect vibrations leading to union with God.

    Quantum mechanics studies have shown that light has not only a particle but also a wave character. Light has a dual character: it can exist in a photon-particle form or as a wave. The entire physical world can be defined through the prism of this particle and wave duality.

    The quantum nature of matter can only be explained if each mass is assigned a specific frequency. This means that the duality between the Body and the Soul can be as real as the wave-particle duality of particles.

    We are everywhere surrounded by electromagnetic radiation. This radiation affects and affects our lives in a certain way.

    What are solfège frequencies, and how do they affect our body?

    Our consciousness does not register many sounds due to the fact that we are used to them. We do not pay attention to the sound of water, birds singing, footsteps, clinking glass, creaking hinges, car engines, and human voices. All these sounds are an important background to our lives. Also, silence is sound and has its own vibration. Although we do not realize it and are unable to hear it, the entire universe produces sound, and so does the cosmos.

    Counting all the frequencies in the column of hundreds, tens, and ones, we get all the digits from 1 to 9. The numerological reduction of all nine frequencies shows a repeating sequence: 3-6-9

    Track list:

    528 Hz Clannad Chicane Saltwater - AKARI ARYACA RMX 4K HQ.
    528Hz Chicane feat. Adam Young - Middledistancerunner AKARI ARYACA RMX.
    Ak-47 - A oto droga smierci - Akari Aryaca RMX 432 Hz.
    Akari Aryaca ZATTARRA 528 Hz healing frequencies Tropical House.
    Akari Aryaca 528 Hz The XX ANGELS remix AVATAR.
    Akari Aryaca HAPPYSAD DREAM 528 Hz Healing frequencies.
    Akari Aryaca ISLAND 528 HZ healing frequencies.
    Akari Aryaca rework 528 Hz - Lonely feat morgxn - Animal Feelings.
    Alan Walker Faded Remix AKARI ARYACA 432 Hz.
    Ambient Journey - AKARI ARYACA 528 hz.
    Barcelona Henry Green AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 Hz.
    Beautiful World - Love Song 528 Hz AKARI ARYACA RMX HQ.
    Bitter sweet symphony imaginary future ft Akari Aryaca 432 Hz.
    chicane lisa gerrard - Akari Aryaca rework 528 Hz.
    Chris Issak - Wicked Game Chillion Akari Aryaca Rework 528 HZ.
    Cigarettes After Sx SUNSETZ - Akari Aryaca Rework 528 Hz.
    ClANNAD Herne - Akari Aryaca Remix 432 hz.
    Crockett's Theme - The Beach RMX AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Czas nas uczy pogody 432 Hz AKARI ARYACA.
    Czesław Niemen - Spizowy krzyk POBUDKA! AKARI ARYACA RMX.
    Dark Nigh Of The Soul - The Lord Of the Rings 528 Hz HQ.
    Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 hz.
    DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You 528 Hz (AKARI ARYACA Remix ft. Emma Heesters).
    DURAN DURAN Come Undone - AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz RMX.
    Electric Feel Henry Green RMX Akari Aryaca 528 Hz.
    Elvish Song -Akari Aryaca 528 Hz.
    ETHER-396 AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold Shane August rmx- Akari Aryaca 528 Hz.
    Everybody's Free Trance RMX Akari Aryaca 432 Hz.
    Evry breath you take - Akari Aryaca RMX 528 Hz.
    Flow Away - AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz Liquid DnB Assassin's Creed.
    Hans Zimmer - Time Akari Aryaca remix 528 Hz.
    Henry Green - Electric Feel - Akari Aryaca RMX 528 Hz.
    Henry Green Barcelona AKARI ARYACA rmx 528 Hz.
    HENRY GREEN My Number (Foals Cover) AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    I will be around EMPIRE OF THE SUN Akari Aryaca RMX 528 Hz.
    Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis.
    In the Air Tonight REMIX AKARI ARYACA 528 hz 4K HD.
    Japanese Wallpaper - Waves HD AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Jessie Ware Wildest Moments - AKARI ARYACA RMX 432 hz 4K HD.
    Jose Gonzalez - Cycling Trivialities AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 Hz.
    KALIBER 44 Garbaty Anioł - Akari Aryaca 528 hz rmx.
    Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby feat Akari Aryaca 432 Hz.
    Linkin Park One More LightEtherwood DnB RMX - AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Lisa Gerrard feat AKARI ARYACA DnB 528 Hz.
    Longing For Lullabies - AKARI ARYACA REMIX 528 HZ.
    Loreena Mckennitt Chill Step Akari Aryaca rmx 528 Hz.
    M83 - Oblivion RMX Akari Aryaca 528 Hz.
    MAGIC - Charlie Puth G -Easy Akari Aryaca RMX 432 Hz.
    MATRIX Rage Against the Machine - Guerrilla Radio RMX Akari Aryaca 432 Hz
    Nasza Ukochana POLSKA - POLAND AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    ON AN ON - Drifting AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Post Malone - Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles ft. Gucci Mane AKARI ARYACA rework 528 Hz
    Rafael Noun LOVE 528 Hz Akari Aryaca Tropical House.
    RAKIM Dead Can Dance AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz RMX.
    Sirene òran - Akari Aryaca 528 Hz.
    Storm in Africa 3 AKARI ARYACA 432 Hz HD cover.
    Strobe Piano version AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    Sweet November-Come to me AKARI ARYACA 528 Hz.
    The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 HZ.
    The Chainsmokers - Honest TRANCE CHILL RMX AKARI ARYACA 528 hz.
    The XX Angel 2 AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 Hz.
    The XX Angels remix - Akari Aryaca 528 Hz_PN.
    TILT - mowie ci ze...Akari Aryaca rmx 528 hz.
    Waiting For The End - Linkin Park AKARI ARYACA Remix 528 Hz.
    We'll Be Okay - Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis - Akari Aryaca 528 hz 4K.
    When The Rain Falls by Mike Monday AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 Hz.
    Wieza radosci, wieza samotnosci - Paulina Walendziak AKARI ARYACA RMX 528 Hz.
    WINGS Akari Aryaca 528 Hz.
    You are not alone - Akari Aryaca 528 Hz Golden Ratio




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